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After completing my studies at HTW Dresden, where I obtained my degree as a Diplom-Informatiker (FH) in 2006, I gained extensive practical experience in various fields. My responsibilities encompassed software development and maintenance, application and infrastructure management, as well as requirements analysis and project management. Moreover, I had the opportunity to work across diverse industries, including IT infrastructure and application development, semiconductor manufacturing, CAD/CAM, the pharmaceutical industry, the financial services sector, and the craftsman industry. These experiences allowed me to broaden and deepen my expertise in these domains.

Since 2017, I have been working as an independent expert in digitalization, offering a full-service package that covers all phases. This means that I am there to support you from the requirements analysis to the effective implementation, and seamlessly integrate the solutions into your business operations.

With my solid expertise and comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies, I am capable of analyzing your requirements holistically and developing tailor-made solutions without limitations. I not only assist you with the implementation but also ensure a smooth transition of the digital solutions into your workflow, successful integration, and sustainable development.

My aim is to provide you with a comprehensive service that enables you to successfully execute your digitalization projects from start to finish and make the most of the associated benefits.

My values

  • Solution orientation - defining goals and finding ways to achieve them, rather than managing problems
  • Independence - with a routine view over the edge of one’s nose, strive for the best solution for the customer instead of being guided by sales commissions.
  • Thinking ahead to digitalization - do not copy paper-based processes unthinkingly into the digital world, but rather bring them to the next level by questioning and optimizing.
  • Quality and efficiency - documenting all decisions, solutions and findings in a standardized way to avoid duplication of work and create reproducible solutions.
  • Digital sovereignty - maintain entrepreneurial independence through striking a healthy balance between the use of innovative cloud services and self-control over critical data in line with data protection.
  • Open source - commit to the value of free open source software and its use in enterprise environments
My offer for you